Lendabook is a social networking site, where anyone can facilitate the mutual borrowing and lending of books wherever they are. Lendabook lets people make friends, share books they own and borrow them from each other. Lendabook is becoming a giant digital library scattered in various regions of Indonesia with diverse collections of books. As the value of books increases with growing ease of access, Lendabook is bound to promote the culture of reading.

Member registration is simple: all it takes is information including residence, email address, facebook, and twitter accounts. Members’ profiles indicate their identity and contact where they can be reached to let people borrow their books. The profile also shows a member’s book collection, so others can see what may be borrowed, just like sharing real libraries!  What an easy way to get friends and books.Lendabook already has more than 1500 members from various parts of Indonesia and from further abroad.

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