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    Simple Retro News Instagram Template


    What makes you different from any other news Instagram out there? To be recognized and be the first to be visited by your readers and audience, you should be able to catch their attention from the very first moment. Pick our latest product, the Simple Retro News Instagram Template that will suit any news website, newspaper, tabloid, magazine or any other news media that needs a retro theme template.

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    Online School Instagram Canva


    Coronavirus is not a reason to stop you from studying or getting an education. And this is also not a reason for schools to stop operating. Make your school programs online by opening online classes and use this Simple and Playful Online School Instagram Template that suitable for any level of the school, online class, online school program, online tutoring, teaching live streaming and more.

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    Classy Elegant Restaurant Instagram Canva


    Level up your marketing strategy by making use of all the available facilities, including social media such as Instagram if you don’t want your restaurant washed away by a newcomer. Thus, you will need the help of our latest item, Classy and Elegant Restaurant Instagram Canva Template that will be a perfect match for restaurant, diner, cafe, menu, a new dish, meal promo, advertisement and many more.

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    Wazeup Company Profile Presentation


    The trust of your clients or partners will increase if you can present your company with a decent appearance. Make your company profile by using Wazeup, a clean and neat company profile presentation template, that’s perfect for company, corporate, start-up, creative and professional.

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    Maea – Simple Elegant Business Presentation PPTX


    Leave a good impression on your clients, partners or supervisors by making the best business presentation ever. To help you create that presentation, you can use our latest product, Maea, the simple elegant business presentation template. It is best for your annual report, business offer, marketing kit, portfolio, and more in your company, corporate, start-up, or any other business you manage.

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    Neoji – Soft Pastel Minimalist Brand Strategy Presentation PPT


    Who says the dark color is no fit combining with soft colors? You will get an amazing combination between the deep dark black with the soft touch of pastels in Neoji, the dark soft minimalist brand strategy presentation template.

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    &Pau – Minimalist Brand Strategy PPT


    To make your brand succeed in the market, you should use some strategies as a guideline for your team to make the right decision and you should communicate this strategy with your team, supervisor or partners who will be invited to work together. Use our &Pau, the professional minimalist brand strategy presentation that perfect for any kind of business, product, company, corporate and many more.

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    Retro Computer Planner Canva Template


    Bring back the memory of old computer appearance on your Instagram planner or schedule by using the Retro Computer Planner Instagram template that is suitable for a personal daily planner, business planner, event planner, schedule, and more. The nostalgic moment that this template offers will make it easier to organize all your works and plans.

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    Ocean View Creative Agency Presentation Template


    The great explanation will be more complete by the best presentation you can make. This Ocean View Creative Agency Presentation template will help you to make a wonderful presentation. It is the best use for creative agency, company, professional, corporate or any other kind of business you manage.

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    Prabot – Minimalist Furniture Website UI Template


    Nowadays, selling furniture can be as easy as selling clothes or food. You can sell them online in the marketplace or make your own website by using Prabot, the neat and clean minimalist furniture website template. It’s perfect for the company which focuses on selling furniture, furniture maker, furniture distributor and more.

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    Elliye – Minimalist Fashion E-commerce Figma XD


    In this digital era, to get more customers and increasing your sale cannot be done only by conventional marketing, you should advance your sale by entering the e-commerce world and Elliye, the Minimalist Marble Fashion e-Commerce Website Template, that perfect for online fashion stores, fashion online shops, fashion e-commerce stores, fashion marketplaces and more.

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    Tagih – Simple Neat Banking Admin


    How do you manage your finance all this long? Take a note of every transaction you made, how much you spend and how much you save in a book? That’s an old way that should be left for a long time because it’s time to use the more modern, simple and easy way in managing your finance by using Tagih, a simple neat banking admin dashboard template that suitable for wallet, digital money, digital payment, invoice, payment admin, transaction history, or any other admin dashboard.

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    Modern School Presentation Template


    When we’re talking about promotion, it’s not only for the company, product or business that needs a good presentation. If you want to get more appreciation, students’ admission and recognition, you should present your school with the best presentation, and the Professional and Modern School Presentation Template can help you make it true. It is very suitable for any level of school, academy or educational institution and more.

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    Simple Furniture Boho Instagram


    Share your inspiration in decorating your interior with Boho style by using Simple Furniture Boho Minimal Instagram Template. This template is suitable for interior designer, furniture shop, decorator, bohemian lover, or anyone who want to share any ideas related to boho style.

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    Fun Math Game Instagram Canva


    What’s the impression of math you have in mind? No fun, difficult, the problem that won’t ever solve? Forget that old thought of your mind and let’s having fun with this Interactive and Fun Math Game Instagram Template that will be perfect for anyone who loves math quizzes or math fun games with a simple question.

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    Simple Ramadan Instagram Canva


    The holy month for every Moslem is coming and it’s time to share the goodness of this month by using this Humble and Simple Ramadhan Instagram Post and Story Canva Template. It is perfect to share your Ramadhan menu, Ramadhan activity, Ramadhan quote or any other Ramadhan-related things.

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    Work from Home Instagram


    Share the experience and benefit of work from home by using our latest template design Simple and Modern Work from Home Instagram Post and Story Template that a perfect choice for everyone who works from homes such as web developer, designer, online shop or any other activity that can be managed and done from home.

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    Mirion – Simple Professional Admin


    Arranging many projects to be in the right order is part of the admin job. So to make the job of the admin easier you will need the help of Mirion, A Simple Modern Professional Admin Dashboard Template that will be a perfect choice for company admin, project admin, project manager, supervisor, invoice admin, calendar dashboard, Kanban dashboard, and any other admin website.

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    Instagram Carousel Bundle


    Having difficulties to organize multiple images in Instagram to be more presentable with elegant look but want to make it still minimalist? Just try our latest Instagram template, Minimalist & Elegant Instagram Carousel Post Template that will be perfect for designer, photographer, blogger, content writer, catalogue product, gallery, beauty product, feminine-themed post and many more.

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    Professional Proposal Indesign


    Modern and professional proposal template is a functional and professional design template that’s suitable for business, company, corporation, start-up in drawing business proposal, project offering, company portfolio, corporate profile, corporation brochure, business presentation, and many more. It will make your offer more convincing, persuasive and presentable.

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    Simple Creative Business Proposal


    Simple & Creative Business Proposal Template is a neat and simple proposal template with modern design. This template is ideal for company, business, corporate, start-up, proposal business, project dealing, business brochure, company portfolio, and many more. It will make your offer more presentable and convincing to your business partner or prospective client.


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