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What else is more convenient than having an appealing and inviting bookstore website? Let’s meet our special design exploration, Booktopia, the fun pink and purple book store website design!


Booktopia is a design exploration that allows us to create a playful design for a bookstore website. We tried to explore our creativity by getting out of the box and giving a little twitch in our design with some fun exploration. This design features a clean and simple layout, with a focus on easy navigation and a seamless shopping experience.


The ease of online transactions makes buying and selling books online even easier. It offers a million of book choices that everyone can pick based on their preferences. Other than that, it provides affordable prices, making it even more favorable. Besides, user-wise, it will be a plus point if the website design can be more appealing and inviting.

Our Solution

Coming from that idea, we tried to explore our creativity to create an eye-catchy website design that can give a remarkable impression to those who visit the website. This design exploration provides 12 unique pages, from homepages, book shop pages —both grid and list, book details, cart page, billing detail page, to the event page. With these various options, this web design can be a one-stop online bookstore solution for all users.

As a result, we created a homepage that showcases new and popular releases, with the option to browse by genre, author, or subject. The search bar is prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly find their desired book.

Along with that, the product pages provide detailed information about the book, including a description, reviews, and related titles, helping the users grab the book they are keen to find. Also, the website utilizes a neutral color palette with soft and warm hues that evoke a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Design-wise, we made the design more interesting by providing different footers for each homepage. We also put an adorable dummy logo as well as illustrations with a touch of shocking pink and electric purple that make the overall look of this design more fun and cheerful. This design exploration is completely perfect to grab the younger audience with the vibes it brought. As a result, we proudly deliver a cute and playful online bookstore website design that is not only functional but also aesthetic.

Challenges We Faced

The biggest challenges that greeted us were the layout setting and the alignment of the book title and illustration—since we needed to create dummy book covers. It became a little bit challenging when we had to work the extra mile to not only serve an appealing overall website look but also with the dummy book covers.

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