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Say ‘hi’ to one of our acclaimed designs, Ombe, the coffee shop iOS app design UI!

Ombe is one of the design explorations that allowed us to create a multipurpose coffee shop iOS app with a modern and sophisticated user interface design. This exploration is specially made for coffee orders, coffee delivery, beverages online delivery, and any coffee shop app.


Coffee has been a part of our daily life and so have the coffee shops. No wonder in the past few years, there is a massive growth of coffee shops that provide the best coffee at the most affordable price for every customer only on one device. That’s where our team comes in to make an easy-to-use user interface design that can deal with this lifestyle hype.

Our Solution

With Ombe, we explored our creativity to create a modern and stylish UI design for an iOS application. We used a simple color palette that puts vibrant green contrasting with clean white. Other than that, we chose sans serif typography to create a calming atmosphere and modern look, allowing our customers to focus on the coffee selection without any distractions.

Besides, the navigation menu is easy to navigate, with clear categories for each type of coffee and accompanying pastry. In addition, each item has high-quality images, making the users exactly know what they are ordering.

We also provide some detailed descriptions telling the coffee's origin, roast level, and flavor notes. Even so, the users still can make some adjustments when they decide to use this design for their coffee shop.

In short, this design exploration can be the best for all F&B business owners to optimize their marketing and give the best experience for their customers.

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