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Kripton is a digital wallet app that is a sleek and intuitive platform. This design exploration allows users to securely store and manage their cryptocurrency assets.


Kripton is inspired by the world of digitalism when everyone falls for simplicity that allows them to do everything in one tap, especially regarding digital transactions. Moreover, there has been a significant change in customer behavior since COVID-19 which made people likely to optimize their transactions from the phone. Due to this alteration, we tried to explore our creativity to create an all-in-one UI design for a crypto and e-wallet application.


In the digital world, where everyone can be connected to one another, we are challenged to nail our work even though we don’t have to face our partners as well as our clients. Besides, in the past few years, there has been a significant change in people's behavior through using the internet. Thus, we challenge ourselves to create a user interface design that can provide an admin dashboard in an all-in-one package.

Our Solution

Kripton allows us to leverage our creativity to create an iOS application design with a touch of a modern and bold style. Until today, we have created more than 30 unique pages, from the welcoming to transferring page. Kripton gives the best experience for users to do digital transactions in the easiest way. They can monitor their activity, their budgeting balance, and crypto stats. And it doesn't stop right there because they also can send money to their relatives simply.

The app’s design features a clean and modern interface, with bold typography and a color scheme that conveys a sense of trust and reliability. Other than that, the home screen provides an overview of the user’s current portfolio, including their account balance, recent transaction, and the current market value of their holdings. Users can easily navigate to specific cryptocurrencies within their portfolio, view detailed transaction histories, and set up alerts for price fluctuation.

What Makes Kripton Special for Us?

Kripton got a lot of superb impressions from the marketplaces and Dribbble viewers. This appreciation motivated us to do more exploration to create the UI design for not only crypto but also for all currencies. Seizing the moment to release the portfolio was The other thing that we learned while exploring Kripton. Ever since this design exploration was made when NFT and cryptocurrency became the hot topic talked about in the town at that moment. This one made Kripton even more visible and stand out from the crowd.

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