5 Hero Image Benefits for Your Website and Business

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Responsiveness and functionality are several reasons why many people visit a website. However, website look still has a bigger portion in attracting first-time visitors. Placing an appealing hero image can help you win the position among your competitors. At the same time, it is the starting point in improving the overall website appearance.

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Hero Image Benefits on Web Design

Putting a hero image is not about appearance sake only. It can do great things to your website’s success. Furthermore, it helps in achieving brand marketing and goals. What else can the image bring to your business and the whole website?

Positive First Impression

Providing a positive first impression is easier when you have a good hero section on the website. Its existence right under the navigation bar can attract people’s attention and determine how visitors evaluate the site. Then, it can make them explore the website further. Hero images can lead to increased user engagement and conversions eventually.

Strengthen Brand Identity

Hero website is a perfect place to make a statement about your company or brand. It not only reinforces brand identity but also brand messaging. You can communicate the essence of the business to visitors. Of course, in this case, you need consistency. Especially, if you want to build a trust and loyalty sense among customers.

Strategic CTA Position

When visitors visit your website, you certainly don’t want the visit to end with just browsing. You want to encourage them to take an action that will impact your site traffic and business. Placing a CTA button strategically on the hero image can encourage them to take action. The CTAs you can put in that section include subscriptions to the newsletter, making purchases, requesting quotes, and more.

Product Showcase

You may incorporate more than one image on your homepage or landing page. However, the hero section still takes the largest space and size. Thus, it is the most suitable place to showcase your product. It is very useful, especially for e-commerce businesses. The image can highlight the best features of products. Or, you can just put product promotion, for the new, best, or popular one. It can entice visitors to explore the product offerings and potentially drive sales.

Information Highlight

Its position is right on the top of the web page with its large size attracts the user’s attention. So, it also makes the hero image the right section to highlight information effectively. The information you share can lead to increased user awareness and participation in business activities. You can share limited-time offers, upcoming events, or key value propositions.

What to Be Caution in Using Hero Image?

It requires careful consideration to ensure positive user experiences when using hero images. More than that, this consideration also avoids potential pitfalls. Therefore, when you decide what image to use, keep in mind the cautions below.

Page Load Time – Large hero images can slow the load time down significantly. It will lead to user frustration. Ensure your hero image is appropriately compressed and optimized for the web to maintain fast loading speeds.

Mobile Responsiveness – Mobile access is more common to access information these days. So, your hero must be responsive, look good, and fit on the smaller screens.

Message Clarity – Avoid using abstract or irrelevant images that may confuse users. Ensure that the image aligns with the content and messaging on the page to avoid any disconnect.

Hero Image Best Practices

Hero images play a pivotal role in web design. They create a positive first impression, strengthen brand identity, and encourage user actions. However, optimize for faster load times, ensure mobile responsiveness, and maintain message clarity to maximize their effectiveness.

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