Introduction to UI/UX Design

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We may be familiar with websites and applications. They are the most common things we download, use, and explore for various needs. But, the term UI and UX is so familiar yet so foreign. Without UI/UX design, you cannot enjoy a website or application. This introduction will give you a brief overview.

UI/UX Design Introduction
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What is UI/UX Design?

UI is an abbreviation for the user interface. It is what you see when you open a website and application. So, UI design means the front view and graphical layout of digital products designed with aesthetic and functional values. Since it is user-centered, you have to consider how the user will feel, look and, in the end, experience it.

Meanwhile, UX, user experience, and design are the planning processes of a person’s experience when interacting with a product. UX is not about the look. It is about delivering a friendly and comfy design for your users, such as easy access to your website pages and features. Of course, the two are inseparable, especially if you want to get a good website design. It means you have to have a good UI/UX design too.

Why is UI/UX Design Important?

It is undeniable that today many people are still hesitant to invest in design, especially UI and UX. You may be one of those many too. The lack of understanding of its importance may cause a lack of urgency. So, why is it so important?
Generally speaking, UI design is significant for anticipating user preferences and facilitating them. Meanwhile, UX design is important to help users have the best experience possible so that they can refer others to the product.

What Benefits Can You Get from A Good UI/UX Design?

Knowing the importance is not enough. You also have to know the benefits to make sure of what you get. So, what benefits will you get when you have a good UI/UX design?

Increase user engagement

A well-designed UI/UX can increase user engagement since users feel comfortability. The design should have a balance of simplicity, accessibility, and seamless flow to increase engagement. It also should include visual and animation effectiveness, personalization, and for most, provide value to users.

User retention

Having a loyal customer who keeps buying and recommending product/service to others is what every business want. It is the result of the easy-to-use and navigate website or app. With easy access and navigation, your website or app users will find what they need easily. It is what contributes to increased revenue and business success in general.

Better functionality

A well-designed UI/UX is not only about good looking. It is also about how the web or app is well-functioning. Therefore, every good UI/UX design has an appearance that tends to look minimalist and simple. It aims to be more functional without including excessive elements that don’t have a specific function.

A strong bond between customers and websites/apps

Presenting a quality design shows that you really appreciate your audience and consumers. You always want to give the best, especially the experience in using websites and applications. It increases consumer trust and loyalty eventually and even can be positive advertising.

Increase revenue

Although material gain is not everything for some people, good revenue is a positive thing that is always expected from a business. With all the benefits and reasons above, revenue increase, sooner or later, is bound to happen.

Get A Better UI/UX Design Now

The essence of UI/UX design transcends mere aesthetics. It’s the backbone of user satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. Prioritizing good UI/UX design is equal to investing in your product’s success, fostering stronger customer bonds, and ultimately driving increased revenue. Don’t underestimate its power; embrace it.

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