Prepare It Ahead, 5 Business Presentation Types You Must Have

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When doing business, selling products or services is not the only one to deal with. You have to deal with marketing, promotion, and gaining investors also part of your work to make the business bigger. To make the process and effort bear fruits, you need a business presentation. So, what kind of business presentations do you need as your starting point?

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Company Profile Presentation

A quick look at your company and business is what a company profile presentation provides. It helps you to define who you are and what you do. A company profile is important for marketing, communicating your offer and distinct characters, and telling the brand story. A proper company profile presentation should, at least, include a vision and mission statement, company brief history, development & growth, recognition, portfolio & testimonial, team & department, and call to action & contact.

Brand Guidelines Presentation

Whether your business is big or small, you must have a brand guideline to help build a strong brand identity. With this guide, your promotional and marketing materials will have unity and similarities. It will make your brand easy to recognize. The guideline is usually presented in front of marketing partners and your team to produce products according to the guidelines. Include the brand story, logo, color palette, typography and font, image, and brand voice in your guidelines.

Pitch Deck Presentation

You need funds to run a business. A pitch deck presentation will help you invite potential investors to finance the business. It can give an overview of the business plan, products, services, and growth. Apart from those points, include problem & solution, market size & opportunity, competition, financials, investment & fund use, and team as the presentation material. Besides investors, you can present the presentation to your clients.

Marketing Plan, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Presentation

The marketing division might deal with presentation a lot. The first is the marketing plan. It contains the marketing and advertising overview of what you have and will do. To make a good marketing plan presentation, include the target market, strategy, and objective details. Then, is the marketing strategy presentation the same as the marketing plan presentation?

Marketing strategy presentation is usually more particular. It contains a step by step and methods for achieving particular goals and missions. In other words, it is more detailed. Besides those points in the introduction, you must describe the marketing strategy in detail. It includes objectives of strategies, key performance indicators (KPI), brand & product positioning, and key projects.

Lastly is marketing presentation. This business presentation is usually presented to the target directly. The most common content of this presentation is product images. In other words, a marketing presentation is a visual help, especially in introducing a new product. Having a well-organized and visually well-arranged marketing presentation is a big help in your sales.

Employee Onboarding Presentation

When your business is getting bigger, you will hire more employees. Like potential investors, clients, and target markets, you must introduce the company to your new employees. However, what you use to introduce the business is not a company profile presentation. On this occasion, you have to use an employee onboarding presentation. Through this presentation, you can provide insight into the organizational hierarchy, culture, mission, vision, and core values.

Ready to Create Your First Business Presentation?

Business presentations serve multiple functions across various aspects of a company. From attracting investors to onboarding new employees, each presentation type has its unique purpose and format. Mastering these can significantly enhance your business’s growth, consistency, and overall impact. Choose your presentation type wisely to meet your specific objectives.

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